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Tri State Detective Agency, located in Philadelphia Pa., Also serves the entire state of Pennsylvania and now licensed in the state of Delaware. We are  committed to accomplishing the objectives of our clients in a professional and discrete manner. It is our mission to make the customer’s goals our goals! We know that our success as a private detective agency is dependent on the success of each case we work. With this in mind, our office manager and field investigators work each investigation with a passion for accomplishing the objectives of the case. Our success depends on it!!

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Tri State Detective Agency

Infidelity Investigations

Our Investigative team, is comprised of investigators who are among the nation’s best at handling domestic matters and getting results that matter. Covering Philadelphia and the Tri State area so count on us for all of your investigative needs.

Tri State Detective Agency

Digital Forensics

We Have Government Approved Digital Forensics specialists and services that will help you get the answers you require. No matter your issue whether it’s cyber stalking, cell phone data retrieval, or locating and documenting illegal eavesdropping devices we’re the best in Philadelphia Pa.

Tri State Detective Agency

Missing Persons

Almost everyone is traceable; you just need the tools, knowledge, time, and techniques to get the person found. In and around Philadelphia Pa., we’re known to locate missing loved ones and bring them home safely we understand the stress you’re feeling wondering where your loved one is.

Knowledge is Power

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Whether you are a private citizen or an insurance company, Third Party Administrator, insurance defense law firm, risk manager, private law firm, or corporation/business owner, we at Tri State Detective Agency, are intensely aware of the issues concerning your investigative needs. This is a skill honed by experience, practice and the ability to truly listen to our clients. Our investigative team is comprised of highly motivated and skilled investigators with diverse backgrounds, who collectively average more than 25 years of investigative experience. Our pool of investigators, both male and female, includes former law enforcement, insurance industry professionals, ex-military personnel and criminal justice majors. Tri State Detective Agency is committed to the thorough training and continuing education of all of our investigators. We have a number of bilingual investigators on staff and our state of the art technology provides our clients with the ability to read reports, view photographs and streaming video, and review investigative results from a secure web site that is made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This innovative technology takes our clients along on the case and provides them with updates. This increased communication and case management ability helps our clients make informed decisions.

Private Detective Services We Offer

Our surveillance investigators are among the best and most experienced in the business and in the Philadelphia and the Tri State area. We don’t hire rookies. Our investigators are employees of the company No subcontractors..


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